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The Hydra Island

Hydra Island is truly the gem of the Saronic Gulf and stands alone among all other islands as the one free of wheeled vehicles. No cars. No scooters. Just tiny marble-cobbled lanes, donkeys, rocks and sea. Artists (Brice Marden, Nikos Chatzikyriakos-Ghikas, Panayiotis Tetsis), musicians (Leonard Cohen), actors and celebrities (Melina Mercouri, Sophia Loren) and travellers (you) have all been drawn to Hydra over the years.

So in addition to the island’s exquisitely preserved stone architecture, criss-crossing rural paths and clear, deep waters, you can find a good cappuccino and fresh heavenly smelling pastry along the people-watching harbour.

Get ready for the highlight of Hydra Island! Mules and Donkeys are the main means of heavy transport and they, along with the rustic aspects of life on the island, give Hydra island its two faces: chic and earthy.

Also, do not forget to grab your swimsuits.
There are several sandy beaches on the island where you can dive in the clean and crystal clear waters. Beach life can be simply enjoyed by finding a quiet spot for you, your towel and book.

Otherwise, grab a bed with umbrella somewhere more organised where drinks and snacks can be delivered to you whilst you enjoy the way the waves arrive one by one to the shore.

We visit this island with the famous "Athens One Day Cruise"

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  • 65,00 km (40 nautical miles) from Piraeus Port
It is famous for:
  • No vehicles are allowed within it
  • Transport only on foot or donkey
  • Cosmopolitan style
  • Tourist destination