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The Poros Island

So, what is it about Poros Island which attracts so many people to come to this tiny little gem of an island?

The answer is simple – it is the fantastic beaches with lush greenery and blue green waters combined with the Pine Forests and picturesque villages that catch your eye.

History is all around you, whether you are looking at the ancient ruins of The Temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea, or walking around the Old Town of Poros.

Take a walk to the Clock-Tower, the town's highest point and the island's "trademark" and enjoy the views which open from there.

Visit the secluded Russian Bay, the best beach on Poros island. The water is clear, and the backdrop ruin of a 19th-century Russian Naval Base lends the beach not just its name, but an appealingly historic atmosphere.

We visit this island with the famous "Athens One Day Cruise"

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  • 50,00 km (31 nautical miles) from Piraeus Port
It is famous for:
  • House with Blue Windows
  • Red Roofs
  • Mpoukamvellies